Mass Transit

by Max Gowan

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redflushed mellow home vibes~ Favorite track: You Should.
Amelia Covington
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Amelia Covington <3 powerful tunes that make me feel like i'm in motion Favorite track: Mass Transit.
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Recorded at my parents' house in Raleigh and my dorm in DC

Special thanks to:

Liz Grzyb - Mixing and mastering
Robbie Green - My spiritual counselor and Indie Rock Warlock
Robbie Green - Album Art

Also for their wisdom and advice:
Peter Rozakis
Eric Young
Chris Coco
Sydney Johnson
Sidd Gandhi



released April 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Max Gowan Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Sun Sleep
No pain will permeate my membrane
As we round the bend
Cold sleep, I'm slipping on the bus ride
Dreaming of my friends

He waits around, the weights around his sinking chest
Won't leave my thoughts, I'll drop a line, it's for the best
Track Name: Avent Ferry
There's no cell phone service in this car
I don't know where we even are
Just drive down avent ferry road
and find a place that's left to go

Found that little place across the way
There's moving water melting clay
As all the neurons fire backwards through my brain

It's a lunatic brigade
No one's asking us to play
It's a happy fool parade
No one's forcing us to stay

I got twisted up a while ago
When everything was dull and slow
And you'll get tangled too as everybody tends to do

It's a lunatic brigade
No one's asking us to play
It's a happy fool parade
No one's forcing us to stay
Track Name: Saturday Afternoon
There's a re-run on the flatscreen
Let it repeat today
Cuz I can feel it rotting us away
And I can't tell if you need me to stay

I felt it tremble through my bones
So happy
I need it more than you could know
So happy

There's an old room in the corner
Where she sat every day
Now we've gone and locked it all away

You're a big shot with a soft spot
Could you show it to me
Shadows over everything you see
I can see it bursting at the seams

You felt a tremble through your bones
so happy
You need it more than I could know
So happy
Track Name: Disarm
You are such a freak
I think you wanna hurt me
I see it in your eyes
burning like a sunrise

I dont mean you harm
There's nothing here to disarm
I'm heading out of town
I bet you'll never make it out

I'll keep every word of this from your ears
Scratch it on a page and let it stay here

Saw you in my spot
Making noise in the parking lot
Screaming for your life
Something doesn't feel quite right

I'll keep every word of this from your ears
Scratch it on a page and let it stay here
You've gotta fix everything til it fits your view
I'm on the fence cuz I know that im just like you
Track Name: I Fell Into A Hole
I fell into a hole and I don't wanna climb right back
I fell out of control and I don't wanna get it back
Track Name: Mr. Turnaround
He's trapped in a body
Moved away to find his mind
Where they can manufacture dreams
Got a call from his mommy
Wasn't everything it seemed

Nobody's around him
Took the weight off of his back
And now he's seen enough to know
With no one to chase him
He just don't know where to go

Has it ever hit you
We're not meant to be this free
Has it ever hit you
Cuz I know it's been hitting me

He'll turn it around now
You know there's nothing he can't face
Just winces and tells you he's doing great
Wakes up in a frenzy
He's getting tired of his fate
Track Name: You Should
You should never hold your breath
You should really get some rest
You should take a look around
All of us have got it figured out
Track Name: Sorted Out
Puncture in the side
Punched in through the wall
It's looking back across the stairs
I wonder why I put it there

There's nothing here
To keep you occupied without those fears
They've become so clear
I'm unprepared
All that I can be is running scared
But it's waiting there

Someone might move in
A few years down the road
And they will never understand
The little boy who hurt his hand

Just help me please
Pack my bags and put me on the street
I guess I'm free
Don't worry now
Everything will all be sorted out
I just don't see how
Track Name: Devil Kid
I'm treading on dusty shoes
Keepin up with your deadbeat blues
I'm cooking up something new
If I follow through
I'll mess around with golden hair
Hell maybe it would go somewhere
Hell maybe it would bite my back
Never hurt like that

Now he's standing on my shoulder
As we pass through town
Gonna tell me what I oughta do
And he won't come down

Little Devil Kid
Track Name: Hologram
All these pieces, they wont fall into place
convoluted, but all these people play
Something tells me that you can really connect to what i am
Somethin tells me that you might lend a hand

I am trying to look away from this
Flashing blue glow
That caught me in a glimpse
could you come around, pull me out of this chair and make me care
Snap your fingers and knock me out of this stare

Somethin tells me I'm a hologram
Held together by some ironic hand
You're projecting across my view
I wish I knew what I could say to you
Track Name: Pony
Come on empty-handed you've got bags below your eyes
Come on empty-handed walk the block for your supply
I've got the day to spend on all my fruitless occupations
And when it's dark we'll run and barely make it to the station

I am empty-handed just like everyone I know
Try to understand what makes me tick until I blow
Just have a smoke and talk until it gets too boring
And when it seems surreal I'm only making up a story
Cuz I'm a one-trick pony
Track Name: The Noun
There's some kind of noun
Bouncin around in my head
Kicking me down
Wish I could murder it dead

Stuck in my seat
Dark tunnels under the street
You're callin my name
I look back and know who to blame

Don't take my hand
This line in the sand is the last I will draw

Leaves hit the ground
and nothing has changed here today
Fumble around
Can't find the right thing to say

Don't take my hand
This line in the sand is the last that I will draw
Don't look to me
I've severed the ties and im drifting back to sleep